During a campaign speech President Biden labeled republicans as fascist destructive people. His disgust of a large portion of America’s population shook my faith and reminded me of the single most important thing in life, which I had forgotten long ago. I was reminded that the real nature of human feeling is mostly the same from person to person, mostly the same in every person everywhere on earth. Of course there is that part of human feeling where we are all different. Each One of us has our own idiosyncrasies and our own unique human character. that is the part people are talking about when they are talking about feelings and comparing feelings. But that part is about ten percent of the feelings we feel. Ninety percent of all our feelings is stuff in which we are all the same arid feel the some things. This shared universal human feeling has been forgotten by most people, hidden in the mess of opinions, conflicts, personal differences voiced by governments, religions, politicians, academics, celebrities, and, of course, the omnipresent and omnipotent mass media. These voices of disharmony and disunity have disconnected us from each other and have rusted our hearts. We need to ignore these voices of discord and reawaken each other to honor and respect this huge ocean—this ninety percent—in which our feelings are all alike. Maybe, if we unify ourselves we can have a beautiful America again.

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