A man who had spent much time thinking about God and heaven and hell introduced himself to Father Tom a Franciscan monk.

“Father, I come to you with a question. Religious people say some of us go to Heaven and others go to Hell. What is the difference between Heaven and Hell?”

The monk stared at him and answered in a loud voice “What kind of moronic clown are you? Where on earth do stupid people like you come from?”

The man became furious and screamed “Who do you think you are to disrespect me like that? I will kill you!

The monk looked sharply at him, pointed his finger directly at him and said, “That’s Hell.”

Shocked at the sudden knowledge of a raging hell, the man was shocked. Shaking with punctured rage He slowly lowered his head as he regained his composure  and then quietly said, 

“Oh, forgive me Father. I don’t know what compelled me to say such awful things to you. I would never harm you. Please accept my thankfulness  for your enlightenment and my new found awareness and I pray that you have a long, happy, life honoring God.”

The monk looked at him smiled and said, “ And that’s Heaven.”

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