Believe it or not this IGGI bowl tricks your brain into eating mindfully by controlling portions.

The IGGI is a Stoneware bowl that uses food psychology and ‘Calorie Cloaking’ to help you eat 30% less but still feel satiated. It sports a false curved bottom that makes the bowl look full while still having 33% less food, along with a red interior that helps curb your appetite more than a white plate. Moreover, the red color also alters your perception of food, driving you towards eating green vegetables to make your food ‘look balanced’.

The bowl’s design along with the meal recommendations curated by nutrition experts, dieticians, and chefs) allows you to eat healthy and hearty meals and feel satiated at the end of them. For more information visit YANKODESIGN.


Michael Michalko is a highly acclaimed creativity expert. To learn about him visit: https://imagineer7.wordpress.com/about-michael-michalko/

To learn about his books visit:https://www.amazon.com/s?k=michael+michalko%5C&ref=nb_sb_noss_2


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