“Your subconscious speaks to you in intuitions, impulses, hunches, intimations, urges, and ideas, and it is always telling you to rise, transcend, grow, advance, adventure, and move forward to greater heights.”

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The following exercise is remarkably successful in flushing out obscure thoughts, hunches and combinations from the subconscious mind. If you are quarantined and have idle time on your hands, this is a good time to try this exercise and activate your subconscious mind.

1. Set aside ten minutes and simply list everything that comes to mind (words, thoughts, phrases, images, metaphors, etc.) You are recording thoughts and feelings from your subconsciousness. When you are finished, do not review what you have written. It is important to this ten-minute exercise every day for five days without reviewing what you have written.

2. On day six go back to your first page. Circle the phrases, thoughts and metaphors that hold the greatest interest for you. Look for patterns, relationships, connections and insights into things you have been working on.

3. You will discover glimpses of relationships and connections between thoughts, facts or experiences that were kept separate from each other in your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind brings out the intuitive connections.

Mitch is a professor who had concerns about the environment. He created his lists with whatever came to mind, then he reviewed his lists. Some of his circled thoughts were:
Poor in Africa
Soap and water
Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Red Cross
Recycle water in hotels
Hotels looking for ways to profit

Reviewing his thoughts, he combined soap, recycling, and hotels into an idea. He thought of those littles bars of soap they keep in hotels. People use them once or twice and then they are discarded. He created a volunteer organization to collect all the leftover soap from three hundred hotels and bed-and-breakfast establishments. The hotels get a tax break for donating used soap to a charitable cause. His group sanitizes the soap and recycles it by donating to homeless shelters in the United States, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

In another example, a designer looking to design and sell new products listed his thoughts. Some were:
Design nature
Flower vases

He thought about bees and the products they create, such as beeswax and beehives. He discovered through research that beeswax contains propolis, an antibacterial agent that protects against biological decay. He decided to design and produce flower vases made of beeswax which will protect flowers from decay for very much longer than glass vases.

Somehow his unconscious mind connected bees—flowers—beeswax—vases—flowers. Beeswax comes from flowers and formed into a vase it ends up containing flowers before they die. When your unconscious mind delivers an idea, the idea sometimes seems too obvious to understand; as obvious as lovers feel it was obvious they should get together.

Your subconscious mind is a wonderful resource. The more time you spend thinking about problems, the more thoughts and bits of information you set in random motion in your subconscious mind combining and recombining in millions of different ways.

Michael Michalko

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