Creative Thinkering is a wonderfully entertaining ‘operator’s manual’ for your creative brain. Turn to any page, and the idea machine in your head can’t help but start manufacturing new ideas!”

— Bryan Mattimore, author of

The Idea Engine and president of the Growth Engine Company

“A real gem…Thought-provoking and interactive, Creative Thinker­ing bridges the perception gap and opens up creative vistas — even for those who don’t believe they have the creative gene. Packed with information about the nature of creativity and absolutely loaded with germane and fun visuals, it’s access to creativity served up on a silver platter.”

— Gregg Fraley, author of Jack’s Notebook

Creative Thinkering offers a fresh look at creativity, from spontane­ous to deliberate. Based upon his extensive study of and professional work in creativity and creative-thinking tools, Michael Michalko has once again written an excellent book to help people discover their creativity — including how to better understand it and how to expand and deepen it too.”

— Robert Alan Black, PhD, CSP, author of Broken Crayons: Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines

“As much as I totally immerse myself in reading more about creativ­ity, I always learn something new, fascinating, and very valuable from Michael Michalko. His newest book’s focus on powerful conceptual blending techniques and his mind-expanding illustrations and experi­ments for the reader make this book a new standard of discovery and thinking excellence for the aspiring creative genius in all of us.” — Ray Anthony, innovation consultant and author of

F-A-S-T Forward — and Step on It!

“A superb book! Read Creative Thinkering and begin to apply it imme­diately. Your professional and personal life will be opened to new and unimagined possibilities.”

— Connie Harryman,

President of the American Creativity Association–Austin Global

“Will change the way you think.”

— Wall Street Journal

“Shows you how to expand your imagination.”

— Newsweek

“A special find. Period.”

— Executive Edge

“A must-have book in any business setting.”

— Women in Business

“Believe it or not, this wonderful book will have you challenging the impossible.”

— Nonprofit News

“This book is a creative-thinking workshop in a book that will have your imagination soaring.”

— Chicago Tribune

“This book shows you how to do what you think can’t be done.”

— The Futurist

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  ALBERT EINSTEIN


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