top hat

One day God walked down the road wearing a top hat that had a Democratic Party sticker on one side and a Republican Party sticker on the other. On the left side of the road, people saw God wearing a Democratic top hat; on the right side people saw God wearing a Republican hat.

When the people went home to their homes in the evening, some said, “Did you see the God with the Democratic hat?” And the others said, “No, no, he had a Republican hat on.” And they got into a vicious fight between the people on the left and the people on the right that is still going on today and destroying everything we once loved about our democracy in America.

Now the priests and monks preached that God wore the top hat as a message for people to understand that God is with both left and right and that we are all one people under God, and that both political parties should synthesize their beliefs and cooperate and work together in harmony and united as one people to make America into what it is capable of becoming.

Instead our Democratic and Republican politicians have made their prejudiced one-sided view of the top hat more important than our country, the welfare of its citizens and even God who wore the hat.


Michael Michalko


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