I like this remark made by Vivek Agnihotri on FB about the current socio-political obstructionism and the venom of negativity.

“From now on I’ll respond to only those who share positive stuff or new thoughts or socio-political commentary with humour. Venom is not for me. After Modi won and now after Trump, people are spreading a lot of negativity which makes it look like the world is full of shit, which it isn’t. America is a great nation. India is a great nation. We are great people. Each day we try to become better. Nitpicking doesn’t change a thing except for making you look like an unhappy person. If you really want to change the system, go meet your local politician, start a campaign, write, make short films, blog… FB won’t change a thing. Because it just can’t. Accept it. Smile, contribute and be happy.”

rainmaker-2Many of us are blind to the greatness and wonder of our great nation and our great people. I am reminded of an ancient Chinese story about a rainmaker who was hired to bring rain to a parched part of China. The rainmaker came in a covered cart, a small, wizened, old man who sniffed the air with obvious disgust as he got out of his cart, and asked to be left alone in a cottage outside the village; even his meals were to be left outside the door.

Nothing was heard from him for three days, then it not only rained, but there was also a big downfall of snow, unknown at that time of the year. Very much impressed, the villagers sought him out and asked him how he could make it rain, and even snow. The rainmaker replied, “I have not made the rain or the snow; I am not responsible for it.” The villagers insisted that they had been in the midst of a terrible drought until he came, and then after three days they even had quantities of snow.

“Oh, I can explain that. You see the rain and snow were always here. But as soon as I got here, I saw that the people had forgotten how to look and that their minds were out of order. So I remained here until once more you could see what was always right before your eyes.”


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