The Greatest Present You can Give

Think of someone in your life who made an enormous positive difference, who’s still alive, whom you never properly thanked. First write a 300-600 word testimonial to that person; concrete, well-written, telling the story of what they did, how it made a difference, how it made you feel that the person cared enough about you to help, and where you are in life now as a result. Then call the person up and say, “I want to come visit you.” Invariably, they will ask why. Tell them, “I don’t want to tell you. It’s a surprise.” And visit the person, sit down and read your testimonial of gratitude. You will discover that this is an overwhelming emotional experience for you and the person. Your gratitude testimonial will give meaning to that person’s life for helping you, and will give your life meaning through your acknowledgement of the effect that person had on your life.

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