What the Wall Street Protestors Want the U.S. to Become

The protestors on Wall Street are demanding that the U.S. become an “Ineptocracy.” ( In-ep-toc-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to  lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the  members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of  producers.

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  1. Posted by Andrew Norris on November 12, 2011 at 1:51 am

    I think it’s a question of balance. It has got out of hand it some areas for sure, with bankers earning a lot of money for little more than being there and buying a few seconds before other traders.

    To overreact and take money off of those genuinely producing would be wrong. But I’m not certain that is what the protesters are about. Certainly the ones in London seem to be in need for a more balanced system.

    A more creative approach and to ask questions of the current system, to challenge its core assumptions and ways of operating This is my impression of the protestors. Certainly what I would want them to be doing.

    I think for a while we have assumed that capitalism in its present form works pretty well. And it does compared to communism. But communism was really, really, a hopeless system. People we given jobs for life because someone thought so. There was little motivation and reward in the system.

    The 1% holds a vast amount of money, most of which they do not need one bit.

    Like most I’m against people living off the state without contributing. We need to force them into action if they want benefits. And to find and nurture any talents. Being on benefits should never be easy. I think a law banning anyone on benefits from having a car would be good.

    it’s the 1% at the bottom and the 1% at the top that we need to deal with.

    Too many people make money for the wrong reasons in the present system. This cannot be forgotten. There are those that exploit fame for example. In the UK it is crazy. A DJ from my hometown made 100s of millions in a year from nothing just b/c some bankers approached him with the idea to set up a radio station. He had a big cut of it as he was a popular Dj at the time. Is that right or fair? Does he deserve more than nurses in the UK get paid? THAT’s what occupy Wallstreet is about. I ask you to re-think, as I know you can, being very creative! The DJ does not even work for them now, he only turned up for a year, and often was late to work as he boozed a lot.

    Another person from my home town (the 2 most famous people are her and the DJ) for years got a several million pounds a year contract just for doing a few adverts a year for a shopping store. She has now been fired as she was filmed snorting coke. Not good when the slogan for the ads was “Mothers go to Iceland”

    It’s by asking the right questions, being openminded that we allow ourselves to some up with the right creative solutions.

    Also a software company I worked for once with just 50 employees floated on the stock market for over £30 million. The two owners were instantly rich. Very few of the employees got a share. They went on to run the company poorly – a point over which I left – I remember telling them on the day I left they were doing the wrong moves – not innovating in 3d games. It was bust within a few years. The two owners are still in the 1%!

    Then there are russian oil billionaires, actors, models on 10’s of millions. the funny thing with sponsor ship is it can go wrong. Tiger Woods and Nike are one example of that. Nike’s image really suffered yet Tiger still has all the 100s of millions they paid him!

    Then there are people making many millions of of software patents, that are frankly obvious, and are being used in a troll like manor now on small genuinely creative software developers!

    With much of the world very poor (i.e. Africa, Asia, India etc), the waste that these people do is frankly dreadful. While many starve these waste money on an incredible scale. I saw a documentary recently about Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of the formula 1 racing boss. Here’s a link.


    There may one day be a revolution in the West if it continues. Let’s hope we can work it out peacefully enough first though. To dismiss these protestors in this way is wrong I feel, please rethink, totally rethink.


  2. Posted by Andrew Norris on November 12, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Adding to the previous comment, here are some creative brainstorming ideas for solutions, not particular order.

    1. When you purchase a share – you must hold onto it for so long. I’m open minded for now as to how long that should be. Anything from 1 month – to maybe even years in some cases – in encourage responsible investing – and get of people making fortunes by buying shares days before others. I.e. a lot of the world’s resources wasted on people that contribute very little.
    2. A celebrity endorsement tax. E.g. celeb weddings, Tiger woods like sponsorships. This should be very high. It will effective in the country that is doing the advertising. The celeb would be taxed. Maybe 90% tax or even more. Useful tax, again stops people being overpaid for doing next to nothing.
    3. Interesting initial idea. Cooling off time. Profits can be taken away from enterprising, if the customer has changed their mind about how much value the product has actually given them. Money will go back to government (so stop tight people using it as a discount!). So if a product was found be be put together in a poor way, not do what it said etc. No need for courts, all done over the net. If the customers ticks a box, the money goes to the government.


  3. Posted by Andrew Norris on November 16, 2011 at 4:40 am

    Hi there. Not sure why you have not approved my comment. Hope I did not offend. My thoughts on this are open at the moment / up for fair debate.

    As I said to a friend recently who sides more with capitalism :-

    So many of the jobs crated by the current system of capitalism are wasted jobs. Jobs not really helping anyone to be happier, but just encouraging them to get into debt for no reason.
    The public have the power to change it. By stopping watching adverts that encourage unnecessary consumption and loans for the latest iphones, tvs, cars, new kichen / furniture etc. What’s wrong an “outdated” model? By insisting they have the right to work part time when they want to. By spending more time with family and relaxing. By not reading/ watching media owned by materialistic mogols like Murdock. By not watching TV shows that constantly suggest you need to be well off or good looking to be happy. By not buying and using the over processed food the current capitalist system puts out and makes out in normal / healthy. Buying more from local growers direct and making own wholefoods with extra time we have.

    I think society will change for the better in time. But it may get worse before it gets better.


  4. Posted by Andrew Norris on November 16, 2011 at 5:12 am

    another thought, good capitalism – an iphone app that reports accident blackspots, bad capitalism – a computer game that involves stealing cars and running people over, good capitalism – a movie that points out how much harm junk and processed food is doing us, bad capitalism – adverts on tv for macdonals, good capitalism – secret millionaire tv show, bad capitalism – tv shows / soaps / magazines that subconsciously make us think by association we need to be good looking and rich / spend our way to be happy.


  5. Posted by Andrew Norris on November 26, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    I can only guess you have been busy or are just ignoring me? I may post on facebook as I am a fan of yours. To see if you are awake! Creative solution 🙂


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